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I am also available for teaching children (ages 7- 11) the basics of stop-motion animation in

Los Angeles.


My goal is to spread the knowledge of stop-motion animation to people at a young age so they understand the mechanics of what they watch on television and can later appreciate it on a deeper level. 

Animation has big arms and can be explored and utilized effectively at any age. It's always a rewarding experience seeing your own clay sculptures come to life in front of the camera. It's my hope that students get the same excitement I get when seeing an inanimate object move.

This workshop has been the most successful for students that have an interest in art and is an especially wonderful opportunity for anyone seriously considering a career in animation.

The Workshop agenda:

First I have the students create their own characters out of plasticine and then I have them think of a story that involves all their characters. After that, I show them a demo on how to animate and then we get animating collectively. Once the animation is done, I have the students record their own sound on top of their film.

I have done this so far with elementary schools specifically, but am more than happy to teach children in their own comfortable environment. My workshops are best in groups of 4 and they normally last about 2 hours. 

Things I will bring:

- A camera

- A stage for the children to animate on (a construction paper background of some sort)

- My laptop

- Individual plastic character

- Plasticine

- Sandbags

- Glue gun

What I need from you:

- A space that has a table and decent lighting

- A separate table for crafting plasticine characters

(we can cover it with plastic wrap or paper to avoid mess)

- More plasticine is always helpful

If anyone is interested, send me an email at

This is an example created by students I taught in the past:

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All Videos

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