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This was my senior thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design. It took about 4 months to animate and 3 months to plan. I'm responsible for the story, animation, sound design, and directing. 

Summary: In the beginning of them, She created us.


"Eliot- Stolen Jars" Official Music Video

Hand drawn exploration of swimming, walking, falling, feathers, and houses! I am responsible for directing and animating the music video for the talented band "Stolen Jars".

Voted top 5 music videos of the week:

Stolen Jars website:



A colorful representation of time and repetition leading to several animated objects rotating, sniffing, touching, and disappearing on screen. Showcased at the RISD Museum Student Gallery and was a finalist that featured on for the theme "ritual". It's an exploration of materials and composition and is best viewed as an installation.

Summary: Keeping calm.


This animation is completely made from sand! It's just a fun exploration and a very first animation of my own.

Summary: A page and a window.

Sand Man

This animation is also completely made from sand! 

Summary: Infinite ladders

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