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This is the first fully animatable puppet I've made with silicone. Her name is Nadine.

The making of Nadine:

The purpose of making this puppet was to practice my animation skills. Most studios don't let you borrow a puppet so I decided to make one of my own. Here I animated her doing fouettes. 

Nadine's body was first sculpted in gray sculpy firm and then casted in silicone. For the final version I used Dragon skin 10 medium to make Nadine's skin.

Mouth testing. This is done to see if the mouths animate well under camera.

Here are 20 different mouth sculpts for Nadine. I made multiple mouths and foreheads to display the different sounds and expressions her face can make. I painted the mouths in acrylic paint and then sprayed them with Krylon dulling spray to get rid of the shine.

 Here's what the faces and foreheads looked like before they were painted. Each mouth was casted in plastic and then a unique set of lips were sculpted onto it. I also made her extra silicone hands incase one broke during animating.

Molds of Nadine's right hand, left hand, legs, upper torso, eye socket, and hair.

Close up of Nadine's left hand mold.

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