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Glass Medusa was created the winter of 2012. It was inspired from found image collages, and the glassy nature of the Atlantic winter sea. 


I started by making a glass face cast by covering my face with alginate molding material and then filled up the negative form of my face with wax (I had a few people help me do this and I had to breathe though straws). I then allowed the wax to dry and peeled off the remaining alginate. This gave me a stand alone wax cast of a head. To allow the glass to be blown in the head shape, I had to cover the head cast with wet cement and then melted the wax head out of the dry cement cavity. After all the wax melted out, I blew molten glass into the negative part of the cement head shape. After the glass was blown I cut the cement in half which then revealed a single glass cast of my head. I cleaned the sides of the head with a glass shaving tool. And afterward, I attached several shards of sea glass to the top of the head to formulate Medusa's hair that was collected from the shores of Portsmith, Rhode Island.


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